Talpiot: Supporting children and families through difficult times

Our Mission - Every child deserves a childhood

At Talpiot, we believe that every child deserves to grow up in a loving and supportive environment where all their needs are catered for. Sadly, many children never get the gift of a happy childhood. In Israel today, thousands of children endure severe economic deprivation, physical danger, psychological distress or neglect.  Talpiot was established to support children and parents throughout the sensitive childhood years.

Our Goals - Providing a stable, nurturing environment

Every child has the right to live in a warm, stable and supportive environment. With this goal in mind, Talpiot acts swiftly to remove children from harm and restore calm and normalcy to their lives. Our network of Residential and Day care facilities allow us to place children in a safe environment staffed by qualified people who can properly cater to their needs.

Under our care, children receive the attention, love and support they need to flourish and thrive. Our ability to offer a range of therapeutic interventions – from art therapy to animal therapy to emotional therapy – means we can tailor the recovery plan to specific needs of every case. We also and provide an educational framework so children can grow in self-esteem and develop into productive members of society.

Wherever possible, we strive to keep families intact by working together with parents to improve the home situation.

Our network of specialized Rimonim centres in Or Akiva, Ra’anana and Netanya are geared towards helping kids and youth who are victims of sexual violence and abuse recover from.

Our Unique Approach

Family Centered

Working with families as a whole and striving to keep kids connected to their parents wherever possible is a cornerstone of our success and differentiates Talpiot from other similar programs.

Individualised Program

Every child is unique and requires individualized interventions to help them realize their potential. Talpiot tailors each treatment program according to the specific needs of the child.

Broad Range of Services

The range and scope of the therapies we offer gives us the highest chance of success as we have the ability to pick and choose the best approach for every child.

Results that speak for themselves

It takes considerable time and effort to restore balance, care and security to the lives of the children we work with.

Some interventions last months or even years, but the results speak for themselves with hundreds of children rescued from compromising situations and hundreds of families improving their dynamics each year because of Talpiot.