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Residental Care Village (Hadera)

A safe haven for children at risk

Our Children’s Village in Hadera comprises ten Residential Care Units each housing ten children. The homes are run by caregiving couples (“foster parents”) who function as counselors, authority figures and role-models to the children. Each unit is a complete home with kitchen, living room, bedrooms and an on-site unit for the Residential Caregivers and their own children (where relevant). This caring hub provides a safe, loving and stable home backed up with the consistency and sensible rules that children crave.

How you can help…

The three buildings housing our family units were built in the 1970s and 80s and due to significant wear and tear, no longer meet the needs of today’s occupants. Five out of ten units have already been renovated with the help of generous donors.

To learn how you can help us renovate the remaining five units, send us a message here:

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