Family Therapy for Talpiot Children and their Parents

Family-centred interventions tailored to individual need

It is never ideal to remove children from their home, even when this is in the interests of safety and well-being.  Most children want to return to their home of origin however difficult the situation there may be. By working closely with families as a whole, we are often able to return children to their homes safely as well as mitigate the risk of additional children being removed.

The Talpiot Family Therapy Program employs a skilled team of highly-trained staff who concentrate on strengthening the relationship between parent and child. We create opportunities for shared healing experiences such as animal therapy, art activities and other interventions, as well as work intensively with both parent and child offering therapy where needed and conducting parenting skills-training.

How you can help…

Our goal is to provide weekly family therapy sessions for 150 children with their families (both resident in our village and day care participants). We also provide therapy and skills-training in the homes of those parents unable to travel to the Village.

It costs thousands of Dollars each year to keep this program up and running. 60% of the cost is covered by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

To learn how you can help us keep our therapy programs running, send us a message here:

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