Learning Center for Academic Excellence

Building a bright future for youth at risk

Experience has shown that it is less disruptive to the children to remain under the care of Talpiot until the age of 18 (instead of age 14 years, as it was in the past).  This presents new challenges as in many cases, the students are not academically prepared for the rigors of the High school years and need greater educational support to prepare for matriculation (Bagrut) exams. Despite increasing the number of hours dedicated to key subjects there are still significant gaps. We have secured funding to build an independent learning center at the Children’s Village that will cater to the educational needs of 120 children and youth from 1st-12th grade.

How you can help…

The Ministry of Social Affairs covers a portion of the high cost of running this centre.

To learn how you can help us keep the Learning Center running send us a message here:

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