Vacation House

Giving Needy Children a Proper Vacation 

In keeping with our philosophy of maintaining strong ties with the child’s birth family, most of the children living in our residential care facilities, go back to their homes of origin every two weeks and for national holidays. Sadly, some 15% have nowhere to go during vacations as their home environment is not suitable – even for a short visit.  Talpiot opened Vacation House to prevent these children from feeling “left-behind” when their friends go home. The permanent facility operated by specifically-trained staff gives children the chance to enjoy an off-site vacation in a secure, “home”-like environment – just like their friends.  We provide a range of activities and outdoor attractions to ensure that the children not only enjoy themselves but feel like they had a “real” vacation.

How you can help?

After running Vacation House (as a pilot) this past year we have come to understand how desperately needed this service is.  Up until recently, some 30 children and teenagers had nowhere to go during the longer holidays (Hanukah, Hol Ha’moed and Summer). Vacation House is changing this sad fact but we need your help to keep it running long-term.

To find out how you can help us keep Vacation House open, send us a message here:

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